Our software solutions…

 -  Put you in complete control of your information flow

 -  Improve the way you work with your documents and files

 -  Easily monitor and control print costs

 -  Streamline your archival and retrieval processes

 -  Manage your workflow and devices effortlessly

 -  Easily create personalized transactional and promotional pieces in-house cost-effectively



   As your partner, we have promised to grow and evolve with your organization. One way we keep this promise is by offering a comprehensive selection of software solutions designed to streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and control costs.

Our application solutions were developed by exceptional programming companies based around the world and are offered through our partnership with Konica Minolta. They are tested and guaranteed to work seamlessly with your multifunction systems.


File Assist


Planet press suite

square 9

Unity Document Suite

Great For:  Document Editing

eCopy software rapidly integrates paper-based documents into your existing business processes. You can count easily access, modify, distribute and share information faster and better than by using costly overnight couriers or sending faxes that can't match the quality of your original. Make electronic document distribution immediately accessible to virtually every office worker; scan paper documents into electronic format for integration into the most business applications; and simplify the process of entering paper-based data into enterprise content management systems.

Document Editing:  Whiteout/Blackout text to protect sensitive information.  Insert your own text boxes to add notes and instructions.  Or bring attention to information by inserting arrows, highlighting, or making a boxed outline around text.

Great For:  Document Management and Collaborating

FileAssist is powerful yet simple tool to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization.  You can use FileAssist as your private cloud storage service.  No need for more physical server storage space at your office, or the headache of managing it.  Files become easily available for your whole team to allow faster collaboration between team-members.  All files are secured by industry leading security and with built-in backup and sync functions, your organization can have a readily available cloud based backup if needed.

Document Management: Digitally store and organize documents


Collaborative: Share documents between team members easily, creating a more timely workflow

Great For:  Print Management

With any print environment there is waste and inefficiency.  PaperCut offers you the solution to figuring out how much and where it is happening.  PaperCut can track all prints sent to your fleet of devices, as well give you usage reports.  In addition to tracking, the real power of PaperCut comes in it's ability to set rules for users to help your organization be more lean when it comes to printing.  Rules can be set to limit the size of a print job, reroute print jobs to more cost effective devices, restrict users to printing to certain , and more.  PaperCut will allow you to figure out your true printing costs and get them under control.

Print Management:  Tracks the number of pages printed on a user basis, as well as allows the implementation of printing rules.  These printing rules allow you to set limits on the size of printing jobs, route jobs to more cost effective devices, and set printing quotas for users.

Great For:  Document Management, Print Management, Document Editing, Variable Data Printing, and Mass Marketing pieces

Do your customers need to regularly print transactional statements, use pre-printed shells or want to add individualized promotional messages to invoices? Check out PlanetPress, an electronic forms solution. PlanetPress’ modules enable easy creation and printing of transactional and transpromotional documents.

Data can be taken in from most hosts, including ODBC compliant databases, and set up to print automatically. Your electronic form template can be easily revised when updates are needed.

PlanetPress also gives you flexibility in how the final piece is distributed, including high-volume printing, faxing and emailing, and allows you to deliver PDFs for your clients’ archiving requests.

Document Management:  Archives documents digitally based on a barcode that is read when scanned


Print Management:  Gives you the ability to select only relevant information to print for each recipient.  You also have the power to balance the load of a large print job and divide it between multiple devices at once.


Document Editing:  With a built-in designer you can import an existing document to add in graphs, text, images, etc.


Variable Data Printing:  No need to buy manage pre-printed forms, you can print your own and update as needed


Mass Marketing:  Integrates with whatever you use to segment your customers allows you to customize your communications to them.  This also reduces the work needed to produce various adaptations of a document that is intended for multiple channels

Great For:  Document Management and Worflow

Square9 offers an intuitive and affordable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution designed to make your office more and more paperless.  Take all your paper filled file cabinets and easily digitize them so they become available right at your computer rather than having to dig through physical files.  Once that is done you can set up digital workflows in Square9 to streamline the paperwork processes in your organization.  You can implement Square9 quickly and easily with immediate functional advantages for Accounts Payable and Receivable, HR, Legal, or any business process that involves paper!

Document Management:  Digitally File and index documents for easy retrieval right from your workstation


Workflow:  Start processing a document and send it through your team notifying the next person who needs to work on it at every stage, and be able to track where the document is at each stage.

Great For:  Document Management, Document Editing, and Workflow

With the integrated power of PaperPort and OmniPage, Unity Document Suite is a complete desktop solution for scanning, image clean-up, document management and OCR capabilities. Work with your documents more efficiently with unity's valuable productivity tools for PDF creation, PDF conversion, PDF document assembly, optical character recognition (OCR), annotation, and image editing.

Document Management:  Digitally file and index documents for easy retrieval at your workstation


Document Editing:  Add your own text or highlight existing text.  Digitally add signatures to documents as well as Bates Stamps.  If you have multiple file types you can easily combine them into one file.


Workflow:  Efficiently distribute documents throughout your organization

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