I just changed the toner in my machine. What do I do with the empty bottle?

Our manufacturer partners are committed to responsible environmental practices in the manufacturing of their products.   Most empty toner cartridges are recyclable.  

We recommend using your local recycling program whenever possible.  Check  the side of your toner bottle for a number enclosed by a triangle of three "chasing arrows.”  This plastic type mark identifies the type of resin used in the bottle.  Then contact your local recycling company for their instructions on how to handle your type of plastic.

If your local recycler doesn’t collect your type of plastic, our manufacturer partners have used toner cartridge recycling programs.  Check out these links for more information:

Konica Minolta's Clean Planet program

Muratec's Earth Friendly Products program

Ricoh's Toner Cartridge Return program  


I'd like to know how much energy I can save by upgrading my old copier to a newer Konica model. Can you calculate that?

Konica Minolta's Eco Calculator can.  It assesses energy savings in kWh and CO2 reductions in kg over your selected number of months.  Calculations are estimated and energy costs are based on national averages, but the comparison gives you pretty good idea of the money and trees saved by retiring an older, less environmental efficient model.  Contact your account representative for your summary report based on your current model vs. your replacement options.


Where can I download Materials Safety Data Sheets?

For Konica Minolta multifunction copiers, printers and production print equipment, please click here.

For Muratec multifunction copiers and faxes, please click here.