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FleetView Printer Fleet Management Software:


FleetView is a small software application that is installed on a networked computer. It runs silently in the background to periodically monitor your networked printers, copiers, fax machines, or multifunction peripherals for upcoming maintenance checks, meter reads, toner checks, and potential service issues. It creates minimal network traffic, equivalent to traffic created by visiting a standard webpage.

Yes! From one machine to a hundred or more, FleetView helps our family of clients save time, money, and headaches on their print output. With FleetView running quietly in the background, you’ll enjoy optimal performance and peace of mind with no cost or effort at all.

Collected data is encrypted and transmitted to a secure web server.  The data is used by our OneSource analysts in your consultation and analysis reports. The meter reads, device status and toner levels information is used by our service department to record meter reads, check for service issues (sometimes even before you can report them!) and automate toner requests. You’ll receive regular reports that analyze usage and output from your fleet of machines.

Absolutely. FleetView does not collect, house, or transmit any information regarding the content of your print jobs. Using FleetView has no impact on your compliance with the various federal reporting and privacy laws.

FleetView never collects any personal or user  data.  It only collects the critical device metrics.


Data Collection is limited to:


  -  IP Address

  -  Device Description

  -  Serial Number

  -  Meter Readings

  -  Page Counts

  -  Black & White/Color ID

  -  LCD Reading

  -  Device Status

  -  Toner Levels

  -  Asset/Tag Number

  -  Location

  -  MAC Address


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