"We are always grateful to work with people - not just a company name - that understands how critical it is when a key piece of equipment is out of order. Thank you!"

Jan Ludtke

Executive Director

Burlington Area Chamber of Commerce



Jody Kwasniewicz

Mukwonago HIgh School Scheduler

Mukwonago School District

"We've been extremely happy with Martin Group over the years...reps, repair personnel, office staff, and products are a perfect fit for us and very much appreciated. Thank you!"

    “Our schools generate millions of copies each year. Teachers need students to have hard copy assignments on their desks every day. We send numerous communications home throughout the school year: newsletters; health forms; questionnaires, event flyers, etc…


    Having Martin Group provide us with their outstanding dependable service over the past 17 years has helped us accomplish all our copying and printing tasks. Their employees are dependable and appropriate while in the school environment and their method of doing business is world-class.”

Dan Schmidt

Director of Technology

Lake Geneva Jt. #1 School Districts

    "Our business has been on the fast track to growth, as we leverage new technologies, and push the envelope of creativity and design.  Our number one goal is to provide an excellent product, at an exceptional value, that exceeds our client’s expectations.  Our clients demand the best, and know they can depend on us to deliver.  Martin Group has been instrumental in guiding us through complex equipment selection that assures our team has the right equipment paired with the best service.  They are able to custom tailor solutions to meet our workflow as well as our demanding production needs.  Without their fast and reliable service we would miss many deadlines.  For us, if a device goes down, our business does too.  Martin Group’s advanced technical support team is exceptional at their ability to diagnose and repair our digital presses quickly.  We entrust our business partners to be an extension of our core values and client relationships.  Martin Group achieves this measure in every aspect!  Martin Group is the complete business partner who will be there every step of the way.  We are very happy to have partnered with Martin Group and look forward to continuing our work with them into the future."

Helen Owens & Brad Kaddatz


Copies and Prints Plus

Jennifer Opheim

Administrative Assistant

Calvary Christian School

"The person who answered the phone this morning called the tech on his cell to see if he could run the product all the way to Beloit rather than me having to run to Lake Geneva to pick it up.  She was great...it saved me HOURS today - thank you SO SO much!"

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